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Adding SMS In Your Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing has emerged as a powerful channel for marketers. The basic component of mobile marketing is SMS marketing. Increasing consumer acceptance of applications other than voice has made SMS marketing a very effective and well-accepted form of marketing medium. SMS marketing offers several benefits to a business. Though, it is at a nascent stage yet more and more companies are accepting the power and reach of SMS as a marketing tool and joining the bandwagon.

image The reason why SMS marketing business is booming is primarily because of cheap cost associated with it. Compared to traditional advertising mediums and direct mailers, SMS campaigns are cost-effective and likely to reach the target audiences. The best part of SMS text marketing is that it is read by the targeted audiences directly. One can comfortably ignore junk mail, email advertising campaigns and adverts without taking the trouble of going through it but it is really hard to ignore a text on the mobile.

Almost everyone now a day owns a cell phone which makes SMS marketing a very effective tool in the hands of marketers. Unlike other forms of advertising, SMS calls for an immediate action. It is the most personalized form of advertising which can increase sales substantially if used properly in conjunction with special offers and promotion techniques. Text messages are viral in nature. It is also quite possible that if the text receiver likes the message, he/she will forward it to his friends and family members.

Traditional marketing mediums like television and radio do not encourage immediate response whereas SMS Marketing does. Many SMS marketing solutions enable text responses to their campaigns which actually help in measuring success immediately. If executed properly, SMS marketing services can build loyalty and prove crucial in customer retention. Many SMS providers are tying with advertising agencies to offer a service to send SMS via web based tools. We can also see TV channels tying with SMS providers so that viewers can respond to the campaigns.

The only downside of SMS marketing is that it infringes upon one’s privacy. Many advertisers are barred from sending text messages to millions of users. Businesses should be aware of direct marketing rules and regulations. They should try to make text messages interesting and relevant to the users’ specific needs and requirements instead of sending useless SMS. Privacy and data protection rules must be accorded appropriate thought and respect else it can harm the business reputation.

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