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Integrating Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace

Integrating different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook etc can help organizations to increase relevancy, spread word of mouth publicity and build trust. Businesses have started to focus on integrating different social media accounts with each other. For instance, if we talk about content that is perhaps the most important thing for an online business, it needs to be spread out to all the target users. Contents need to go viral and for that sharing has become a common activity for online users. Plenty of new features are available to firms to make the sharing process easy and comfortable. All thanks to rising popularity of social networking, it has become quite simple for readers to share the content in their social communities. The option of sharing buttons or Add this etc significantly increases subscriber interaction and results into huge traffic coming in from social networking sites. The ultimate result is more subscribers and sales, of course.

Integrating Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace One smart strategy to integrate diverse networking sites is using the connect button. If we talk about Facebook, you can find links such as ‘Connect with Us on Facebook’ that actually lets the subscribers know that you are willing to connect with them via other channels. Similarly, option of ‘Follow Me on Twitter’ is a wonderful way to increase your subscriber base. By integrating these channels, you can offer exclusive contents to the readers with help of RSS. The social following has a great impact on potential customers.

Integrating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace etc also helps businesses in cross channel promotions. Creating Facebook fan pages, making MySpace friends, and Twitter followers and connecting through LinkedIn etc greatly benefits marketing efforts of the firm. Integration of these channels results into promoting brand awareness and building relationships.

Using features like widgets embeds and authentication makes it possible for business to indulge in real life social interaction. Most of the websites are updated on a real time basis which keeps the users hooked. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter etc offer plenty of useful features in the domain of social personalization, sharing, cross publishing, application platform and real time updates which makes the process of integration quite simple and effective.

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