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The primary aim of any business is to market its products and services in one way or the other. Companies are constantly endeavoring to search for new and different ways to promote their business. Companies across the sectors are trying to find innovative ways of advertising so that marketing expenses can be cut down. It is a constant battle for organizations to do effective marketing without spending too much. One of the most cost effective ways of marketing that has emerged in the recent times is mobile marketing. Almost all the people are always on go which makes it difficult for businesses to target specific customers. People are no longer fascinated with print and television marketing. To counter the situation, companies are investing heavily on mobile marketing which is a highly personalized form of advertising.

Mobile Marketing If used in a targeted and contextual way mobile marketing business has unlimited potential. No other medium has as much reach as mobile devices. There is a telecom revolution taking place around the world. Millions of new mobile subscribers are being added every month in different parts of the world. Mobile is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. One of the most prominent advantages of mobile marketing is that advertisers can be sure that their ad has been seen by the consumer. No other medium can claim the same.

Worldwide, there is a boom in mobile marketing campaigns being created by mobile marketing companies. Numerous value-added services (VAS) are being offered to the consumers. New innovative solutions on the mobile are taking place and that is making mobile marketing a complete happening place.

The main component of mobile marketing is SMS marketing. Customers are sent SMS on their mobile phones with details and products of various companies. This is a much cheaper form of advertising compared to print advertising. Mobile media marketing offers a wonderful way to touch consumers directly. This often results into improved sales with less investment on time and money. Mobile marketing has been predicted to become the strongest form of marketing since the arrival of emails. Considering how competitive business arena has become, companies will do well to touch consumers directly and offer them products and services which they can purchase directly from the company.

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