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The term reputation has always held significance for humans and the business. It is rightly said that, building reputation can take years but it can be destroyed within few seconds. So how can we define the term reputation? It simply refers to the impression that the business holds in the minds of public, shareholders, competitors and partners. All the great companies thrive on good reputation. Reputation can be biggest asset for an organization which can take years to build. It is all about how the public views the company, its conduct and performance. Reputation cannot be bought with money. It is rather earned. Companies spend years on planning and building reputation for themselves.

Reputation Management However, we are living in an age of internet and fast communication. One minor slip from the company and reputation can be tarnished in a matter of seconds. No company wants to have negative publicity. Now users have options like going to forums, online communities before they can buy products/services from a company. The word of mouth publicity greatly affects the reputation of the business. One bad review or opinion about a certain company and the view can spread like a fire in the jungle. In that context, reputation management has acquired significant importance in marketing strategy of almost all the companies.

Reputation management is all about managing the reputation of a company. It can be used by a larger company for self-promotion or by start-up for getting its name out there or by an organization who has received a bad reputation for itself due to any reason. Thus, reputation management is a wonderful strategy for businesses to build, maintain and recover the reputation factor. Reputation management is a long process and takes time to show any concrete results.

Social media consultancies are using various methods to handle reputation management. It can be done through online reviews, social networking or blogging etc. Online reviews can help companies in enhancing their reputation with banners, important links and syndicated article writing. Similarly, posting pages in popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter etc can prove crucial in building a strong and positive brand name in the minds of readers. Many companies hire blog services where daily updates are provided about the services and quality of the organization. It is also a common practice for social media agencies to hire writers to write good reviews of the concerned company on different websites along with listing the site in web directories using optimized keywords.

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