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All the heavy internet users must have heard of the term ‘Buzz marketing’. In simple words, buzz marketing is all about creating buzz about a new product to draw attention. The purpose of buzz marketing is to increase the sales and create brand awareness. Buzz marketing is actually a word-of-mouth technique frequently implied by the companies, especially small businesses. People tend to pass relevant information about a product or service to their friends and family members in different ways. The idea is to spread the information as far as possible in a very cost-effective way. This can be accomplished by different methods using social media.

Social Media Buzz Marketing Buzz Marketing is quite an effective marketing strategy implemented by Viral Marketing only. It is a form of word-of-mouth (WOM) communications that has found increasing popularity amongst the marketers. Many leading companies in countries like USA and UK have launched buzz marketing campaigns to generate the desired publicity and increase the sales of their respective brands. It is a viable promotional tool which was an important part of marketing communication mix few decades back. After taking a backseat, it has found the favor again with the marketing strategists. Research studies point out at influential role played by word of mouth publicity in consumer goods sales.

The rise of viral buzz marketing is in direct contrast to the decline in the effectiveness of traditional mass media promotions. Television and print ads are no more that effective whereas buzz marketing is taking the center stage. In this viral marketing method, an idea or concept is revealed to only a particular group which in turn spreads the information to their related close groups. So in reality, the news spreads out but in a camouflaged manner. As more and more people start getting the news, they become curious about the product or service in question that results in repetitive BUZZ over and over.

Buzz marketing is also referred as referral marketing and guerrilla marketing. It is a very important part of social media viral campaigns. Companies are cleverly using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to generate word of mouth buzz about the product. Considering the low cost involved with viral buzz marketing, it is definitely a handy tool in the hands of marketers.

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