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There is quite a difference between social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO). However, many actually believe both to be one and the same but the major difference between the two is specific usage of social media tools in social media optimization. SEO is a more popular term but similarly ends with their web-based optimization and the final aim of increasing Internet traffic. For online businesses, increased online activity is quite common because the target is to attract more visitors and increase in overall publicity.

Social Media Optimization In reality, search engine optimization is actually a part of social media optimization. Most of the popular websites have been optimized using SMO principles. SEO keywords are an essential part of SMO. Social media optimization uses social media tools for attracting visitors and popularizing sites on search engines. Most of the online businesses are making fine use of SMO. This particular practice helps websites in getting more visibility in social media searches and increasing the linkability.

An online business cannot survive without the linkability factor. A static website that is rarely updated hardly ever manages to get significant number of visitors. It is important for a site to get constantly updated with the help of blogs and aggregated content sites. Content plays a vital role in SMO. It is the content that defines the websites. Right and effective contents help online business to get included in relevant posts on blogs, podcasts and vlogs.

Arrival of social web 2.0 has made concept of social media optimization even more relevant. You can see number of tags, bookmarking options on a webpage that makes it easier for users to find desired webpages through popular social bookmarking sites. Tags aid contents in getting adequate traffic. The success of a website is very much determined by its overall rankings in search engines. And to make the site rise in search results, SMO uses feature of inbound links. Options like permalink and recent linking blogs go a long way in making a site hit in quagmire of blogs.

Some of the other useful features of social media optimizations are ability to help your content travel in the web world and syndicating your content through RSS etc. Social media optimized sites also offer essential features like downloadable text, audio, or video files which can truly make a site popular. Going by the increasing use of SMO, it is here to stay and has certainly a larger role to play in online business.

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